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About Infrastructure

Last modified on: Saturday Sep 05, 2020

School's infrastructure and various facilities being provided by the NEW HOPE ACADEMY, NAWAPARA are discussed below.

Smart Classroom

Learning becomes effective when the sensory organs receive practical experience. Our Audio Visual Smart classroom is implemented to give practical (audio and visual) experience to the students. Each Smart class is provided with a Digital board, a Computer and LCD projector. This is a networked, wired classroom where the best Audio-Visual learning practice, is offered to the students. Interactive learning is promoted through these ICT Smart boards, that make education, an exhilarating experience for the students.


Junior school and Senior school

Libraries are the heart, soul and mind of the institution and a fountain head of the innovativeness, inspiration and insight both for the students and faculty as well as administrative staff. The school has two libraries, specifically for Junior Students and Senior students. It has been systematically and steadily strengthened. Together these libraries contain more than 3000 commendably classified books, reference books, Magazines and prominent local and national dailies. The library strives to make resources accessible when and whenever they are needed to enhance and promote the total growth and development of the students. The school is in process of establishing one of the best digital libraries in the region. For the benefit of students, facilities such as internet, photocopy will be provided by the library. The School Libraries are open to all bonafide students of the school.

Music and Dance

Music and Dance classes are conducted in school on a regular basis .Students also perform in school functions playing musical instruments in Orchestra, performing as soloists and performing both classical and western dance forms. Students guided by their Music and Dance teachers participate in regional, inter -school, district contest excelling in all events, frequently emerging winners in Top 3 positions.

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